__|                       \              |  |  |             
 \__ \  _ \   _` |   ` \    _ \     \    _` |  __ |   -_) \ \ / 
 ____/ .__/ \__,_| _|_|_| _/  _\ _| _| \__,_| _| _| \___|  _\_\ 

We are !SpamAndHex, your friendly neighborhood hacker collective based in Budapest. What started with a few university friends coming together to learn about computer security in a hands-on fashion that supplemented their formal education has turned into one of the more successful CTF teams in Europe over the years. We have been competing at Capture The Flag events since 2013, traveling around the world playing in finals, bringing the essence of Hungarian culture in liquid form everywhere from LA to Tokyo, and doing our best not to get arrested in Vegas at back-to-back-to-back DEFCON CTFs (successfully!).

Besides playing CTFs, we have always maintained our ties to our alma mater BME and focused on nurturing new talent in the fine arts of computer hacking and related tomfoolery. To this end, we come together every week, discussing security-relevant topics and venting about our performance at the latest CTF and our grand designs on, surely, outperforming ourselves next time. Some of the notable achievements of our very own include multiple Pwnie Award nominations and a Pwn2Own win. We can even claim the most hipster security researcher achievement there surely is: one of our members had his accepted talk at a top-tier conference gag-ordered by his (ex)employer. It doesn’t get any more edgy then that, does it?

While many of our team members have spread across the world now, securing (we are guessing) the systems of Fortune 500s, our members also proudly form the backbone of some of the most successful Hungarian IT security start-ups (and we’ll name them should they write us a big fat check for a better website!).

Finally, after years of complaining about organizers, we have decided to throw our hat in the ring and deliver to the CTF scene… SpamAndFlags, our very own CTF! We are very excited (and cautiously optimistic) about the first ever SpamAndFlags in 2019, and we are looking forward to seeing you there!

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